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We provide information and guides on what medical transport companies should provide to coordinate your medical transport. Our guides can help you with ground and air transportation for your patient or family member by connecting you with a professional medical transport company which best suits your needs.

We're passionate about helping patients looking for a medical transport by ground, helicopter or by jet transfers to their new destination facility safely and securely. Jet Blue Ambulance Guide is here as a resource to help you determine which type of medical transport you may need and potentially a company that can help you.
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Medical Crew

The medical crew on the ground, helicopter or jet should be trained and certified in patient healthcare and the vehicle being used for transports.
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Medical Equipment

The medical equipment on the different ambulance types should be state-of-the-art and relatively the same like an ICU would have.
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jet and ground ambulance types

Types of Transports

The 3 most common types of medical transports are: ground ambulances, helicopter ambulances and jet air ambulances, learn more about all 3.
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Angel Flights

We are a dedicated team of professionals with a goal of trying to periodically arrange an Angel Flight for patients requiring a longer distance medical transport.
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Jet Blue Ambulance Guide is a modern and informational company providing patients with advice and company’s they can utilize. We offer all the tools you need to obtain any type of medical transport you may need. We are continually adding new information, tips and advice for you to follow and take advantage of. If we can assist you with an Angel Flight, please get in touch with us!


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