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During non-emergency situations, you would typically require a means of transportation to help you get from your area to a medical facility. In medical emergency situations like road accidents, you would definitely need a medical transport in order to save lives. Whatever the situation is, it is important to look for the appropriate type of medical transports that can provide the necessary support. There are various types of medical transports that can help during tough times.


Non-Emergency Ambulance Or AmbuTrans

If a person has a very limited amount of mobility and finds it difficult to use other kinds of medical transports, vehicles like non-emergency ambulance or AmbuTrans can be very beneficial. These transports are fully-equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure that you are comfortable and safe in your ride. Most AmbuTrans also provide some medical services to and from the hospital or medical clinic. A non-emergency ambulance is also manned by skilled medical practitioners that are trained to provide assistance to patients suffering from different medical conditions.

anel flight helicopter

Helicopters Or Rotorcrafts

Another well-known medical transport is a ground helicopter or rotorcraft. However, the kind of medical aircraft to be used depends on the patient’s health condition, as well as his distance to a medical facility. One of the advantages of using ground helicopters is that it is able to fly off and land on limited spaces. These aircraft are most ideal to use in isolated locations and areas away from the airport. Additionally, ground helicopters can provide patients with point-to-point transport from their location to the medical facility of his choice.

Learjet Ambulance

Air Medical Jets

Being the leader in altitude, range and speed, it is safe to say that medical jets are the best type of medical transport, particularly for emergency situations. These jets can fly over any kind of weather and reach any destination, even the most isolated of areas. Medical jets allow more flight completion and greater flexibility. During a medical emergency, flight completion is a major concern as it could mean life or death.

Compared to ground helicopters and turboprop aircraft, medical jets have more payload and cabin room, so it can accommodate more medical equipment, staff, and sometimes a patient’s family member. Additionally, medical jets have superior electrical, environmental and pressure systems that offer more comfort for the patients than the smaller medical transports. These fast and sturdy medical aircraft are ideal for long-distance ambulance trips.


Turboprop Medical Aircraft

Faster than ground helicopters, turboprop medical aircraft is most helpful during situations that need urgent medical attention. One of the advantages of using these aircraft is that they are able to operate efficiently even in places with the highest temperatures and greater altitudes. Financially speaking, the services of a turboprop medical aircraft is a bit expensive than the ground helicopter. You can be sure, however, that you get to and from your destination safely and on time because these aircraft has greater range and speed than helicopters, making them an irreplaceable air transport in the ambulance industry.

Wheelchair-Accessible Transports

In case you are incapable of running a car or entering a common vehicle because you are bound on the wheelchair, there are medical vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs. These transports are usually equipped with medical facilities, as well as special electric lifts that are intended for keeping you and your wheelchair in place while the vehicle is running.

Various medical transport services are available to suit the particular needs of different patients. Choosing the right medical transport depends on whether the situation is an emergency or otherwise. Lastly, as mentioned above, the type of medical transport that you must select also depends on external factors including the weather and type of terrain in the area.


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