Jet Blue Ambulance Guide

What Are The Different Medical Teams?

The medical crew that accompanies the patient on a ground ambulance or an air ambulance can differ slightly and it is important to understand the difference. Which ever more of transportation you are utilizing, it is important to make sure that the medical team is certified and trained.

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Ground Ambulance Medical Crew

With most ground ambulance services, you are going to find they are staffed with a paramedic or an EMT. In many cases a ground ambulance will have both medical staff available. EMT’s, not to be understated by the services provided by this group, but are considered more of an entry level position into emergency response services. After an EMT, the next level would be a paramedic. Learn more about EMT vs paramedics on the mednet UCLA website.


Helicopter & Jet Ambulance Medical Crew

On helicopters and jets you are typically going to see flight nurses and flight paramedics. In some cases on a helicopter, you may also see a flight EMT. The training helicopter and jet medical crews obtain is higher than a typical ambulance. This medical team needs to not only be trained and certified in healthcare, but also in aviation as well. Learn more about the medical equipment on board a helicopter or jet.

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