Jet Blue Ambulance Guide

Why You May Need To Get A Ground Ambulance


Ground ambulance transport services, as the name suggests, are those that rely on ground vehicles to transport patients to a hospital. While some circumstances may require the speed of air transport to ensure that the patient reaches the needed medical facility as quickly as possible, there are many situations where ground transport is an acceptable alternative. Ground services can be used for emergency and non-emergency medical transports.


For example, in situations where the patient is not in critical condition and time is not as much as a factor, using a ground ambulance may be the best alternative. Ground transport is quite a bit cheaper than air transport, which can often be a consideration for patients and their families.

For shorter trips, traveling by ground is often the easiest approach. There are situations where air transport is not very practical, so taking a ground vehicle is much simpler. If there is no airport located near the hospital, for instance, it may be easier to just go by road.


Patients that require basic life support can be transported via ground ambulance. If the condition of the patient requires the use of a ventilator or a tracheotomy, then they will generally not qualify for this type of transport. Instead, they will need to travel by air.

During the trip, the patient will always be accompanied by at least three medical personnel. In addition to providing care for the patient, the staff will also share driving duties. They will assess the condition of the patient before setting off, monitor his condition while en route, and maintain communication with the hospital.

Traveling by ground is also recommended for much shorter trips of 100 miles or less. The added speed of air travel does not actually provide much of an advantage on such a short scale, since there is additional time required for takeoff and landing. A ground ambulance can get started much more quickly so that the patient will reach the hospital as soon as possible.

For many patients, ground ambulance transport is the best and most cost-effective way to reach a hospital that can provide the needed medical care. If you are in an emergency situation and in a major city, it is probably best to utilize an ambulance. It is important to understand the pros and cons of each type of transport before making a decision.


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